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  • Allergens
  • Whey falsification

Food products can pose a serious health risk for consumers if ingredients or constituents trigger allergic reactions or other intolerance reactions (referred to hereafter as allergens).

Measures carried out by the food producers are aimed at protecting consumers from potential harm and their company against recourse claims.

Product liability under civil law and due diligence of the manufacturer: These duties relate to problems, for instance, caused by an unintentional and technically unavoidable introduction of allergens. (Cross contamination).

„EU-list of allergens“ 1: The list applies to allergenic food components as mentioned in Anex IIIa and labelling is required if relevant allergens have been used as ingredients, additives, technical auxiliaries or other substances.

We test your goods for allergens using very specific and sensitive test systems (ELISA, PCR, enzymology), to complement your quality assurance. Our portfolio comprises all of the 14 groups in the “EU-list of allergens”.

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